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How it’s works?


Create a list of tasks for tomorrow. You can do this in the evening or at bedtime.


Complete tasks over the next day and check them off as you complete them. At the end of the day, all the tasks will disappear.


All completed and failed tasks will be saved in your statistics.


If there’s something you didn’t complete today but still want to do, just move it to the “tomorrow” list.

Be successful!

Do your best to complete your tasks each day, then create a plan for the next day.

GenialTask will help you be more productive by focusing on only the most important things. Forget about your uncompleted tasks. Eliminate stress and remorse.

I’ve tried many task managers, but am always disappointed. With each one, I’ll use it for little while but ultimately give up on it. The problem is that they all keep adding more and more tasks to a growing, jumbled pile. These apps just don’t do what I need them to.

So, I started doing something different: every evening, I write tomorrow’s most important tasks on a piece of paper. There may be more tasks to add the next day, but this main list helps me focus on what I need to accomplish and not lose sight of my priorities. Then, at the end of each day I throw out the sheet. If there are tasks I failed to complete but want to tackle the next day, I just write them on a new sheet for tomorrow.

This technique has proved to be incredibly effective for me, and I find it much easier to complete tasks, projects, and many other things. And I no longer feel pressured by an ever-growing jumbled task list! The “burnout” I felt every day, looking at everything I hadn’t accomplished, is gone. Now that I can focus on success and movement, rather than on the past, I find staying on track much easier.
I thought: Why not move this into a mobile application? And so, GenialTask was born!

The GenialTask concept is very simple.
The app has only two tabs:

1. Today’s to-do list
2. Tomorrow’s to-do list

Make a list of what you want to do in the “tomorrow” tab. The next day, this list will be your guide for what you need to accomplish. At the end of the day, all tasks will disappear. “Statistics” will show both completed and uncompleted tasks. You can reschedule or delete uncompleted tasks as you wish.

Now, you have an effective tool that won’t allow you to save your to-do list. If you decide to do something – do it today! No more excuses.

Egor Komarov,

Creator of GenialTask



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